Find out where to play your best soccer players in the important games

Find out where to play your best soccer players in the important games

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You'll notice a few vital positions to every soccer team, you can locate them highlighted in this article.

A football position which has had importance in the entire history of this sport and will never lose this, is the number 5. This player plays in the centre of the defence, and is often given the responsibility of being captain of the team. This may not be the best soccer position for fast players, but you undoubtedly have to be tall and strong to deal with some of the most powerful strikers around. You need various attributes to excel at this position, with one of them being the ability to have great positioning and order your defensive line. A centre back has to make certain that all the other defensive players move together as a unit, to make sure that the attacking team can’t break this defensive line. One small pause in judgement can lead to a goal in a heartbeat, so it is most certainly essential that these footballers are fully focused at all times. The Juventus chairman will know how crucial a top centre back is for the team.

An exceptionally popular position on a soccer club is certainly the one which is famous for scoring the goals, a number 9. In the past, these forward soccer positions would be popular for their ability to hold up the game, fight off defenders, win headers and clearly, score goals. Although this role still remains as important today in the lower leagues, they are more commonly played up front by themselves in the better teams. In recent times, some of the top teams have replaced this role with having a smaller and faster striker, that has made the number 9 a bit less relevant for some clubs. Having said this, having a tall and strong player at the front of the group can be a tremendous thing to have, and is frequently a nightmare for the opponent to defend against. This has got to be the best player position in soccer for footballers who love to score goals, as you is going to be having numerous chances to do this throughout the match. Using a world class number 9 is indispensable to any team, and the AC Milan owner will be totally aware of this, given how many great footballers they’ve had there historically.

A position that has lost a bit of importance lately but can still be very successful when used right, is the number 10. Being a talented attacking midfielder is not the easiest position in soccer, as you need to have extraordinary vision and passing, so you can see passes that nobody else sees and also have the quality to deliver them. The Bayern Munich chairman would know that this position ought to be filled sufficiently.

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